Magnight Demo

Dark, atmospheric platform puzzling


  • Attractive
  • Interesting idea
  • Atmospheric


  • Awkward controls
  • Gameplay needs tuning

Not bad

Magnight is a game about a pilot who has to repair his plane using parts he finds in the mysterious island he has crashed on.

This physics-based puzzle platformer sees you using a pair of magnetic gloves to manipulate the world around you. The controls are pretty simple, using the keyboard to move, and the mouse to look around and control the magnetic gloves. These are activated in Magnight by clicking your left or right mouse button.

Objects are littered around levels that can be given a polarity (in Magnight that's blue or red), or that already have polarity. You can charge your pilot with a red or blue magnetic force to push objects, jump and activate things. There are three levels in this demo, and it's tricky enough to take a while.

The biggest problem with Magnight is that the in-game instructions don't make the game mechanics totally clear. This can make Magnight frustrating, and even when you do have the controls down, using the magnetic forces is tricky. This game is really pretty, with great sound too, but it feels like it needs some gameplay tweaking before release.

Magnight is a good looking and atmospheric game that at the moment is a bit awkward to play.

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Magnight Demo

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